5 Amazing Last Minute & inexpensive Anniversary Gift Ideas

Do you have those friends or relatives that you always seem to forget when their wedding anniversary is, until the very last minute? It can be frustrating, when you really do want to show your love for them, but your busy life just gets in the way.

Other than planning more in advance, which is probably the best solution for all subsequent anniversaries to come, we have you covered in the following post. We have put together some of our favourite truly amazing last-minute anniversary gift ideas.

There’s no need to get yourself worked up into a blind panic or settle for the usual box of chocolates and store-bought flowers. Check these out!

NB Although many of these ideas require a bit of creativity, none are too taxing.

Fresh, Nicely Wrapped Artisan Bread

Who doesn’t love some nice and fresh, crusty artisan bread straight from the bakers? If you are stuck for an anniversary gift to give your friends who are real bread lovers, you could pop to the local bakers, pick up their favourite type of load and give them that. But wait, we aren’t suggesting you just turn up on their doorstep with some bread, you need to wrap it nicely. A practical and clever way to do this is by investing in a personalised tea towel with their names or a poem or positive message.

Colourful Artwork for their Wall

Art is subjective and even if you do not possess natural artistic flair, it can be rather easy to make an interesting canvas. Invest in a blank canvas and some nice blues, pinks and yellow paints and simply make an abstract pattern. You can place stencils on the canvas in the letters that spell out a nice quote or message for a more personalised touch.

Anniversary Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are perfect anniversary gifts because they can be chosen specifically with the recipients in mind. Are they more of a fresh fruit and healthy lifestyle couple or do they really like smellies for their bathing and grooming? There’s bound to be a gift basket you could choose that would suit them.

Comforting Lavender Heat Bags

Lavender heating bags are lovely kind gifts that all busy people will appreciate. What’s more, they are incredibly easy to make and inexpensive too. Simply take some nice fabric, preferably in colours that the couple love, and wrap it around wheat and lavender. You can get plenty of dried, fragrant lavender in bunches from places such as Hereward Farms and others. To complete it, either hand sew or use a machine to stitch seams to stop the filling from falling out and add stick a greeting card or message onto it.

Tasty Citrus Extracts

If the couple you are buying for is a big fan of home baking and love zesty flavours, they’ll love these great citrus extracts. They are a lot easier to make than you may think and look impressive. Place the peels of some citrus fruits in mason jars and fill with alcohol. Try orange and lemon, as these flavours are both great in cooking and baking.