5 Smart Tips to Earn Frequent Flyer Points Doing Routine Activities

A frequent flyer programme is certainly a great offer by airlines for frequent flyers. Since the first official launch in 1972 by Western Direct Marketing, these programmes have gained ground and can be earned even without flying.

Here you will find 5 smart tips to earn more points, most coming out of your routine activities.

1 – Join Frequent Flyer Programme with Bigger Network

The best criterion to join a programme is to check the number of partners involved with it. The more the partners, the better the chances will be to earn points for you.

Star Alliance and OneWorld are groups with many partners on board, and it makes them the ultimate choice for such programmes. Among individual airlines, Qantas is the first choice followed by Virgin Australia.

2 – Earn Points without Flying

These points can be earned even without flying. You can enter into programmes with partners that like other airlines, hotels, restaurants, cabs, car rentals, spas, etc. Ensure you go through the full list of partners and exploit every opportunity to earn points without flying.

For instance, a ride with Uber from airport earns you 2 or 3 Qantas frequent flyers points on every dollar spent on booking through Qantas app. What’s more, you earn 2,000 points on your first ride, applicable countrywide.

In short, your dinner, wine, accommodation, travel, holidays and more activities, routine and leisure, can earn you frequent flyers points.

3 – Shop through Programmes’ Online Shopping Portals

There’re shopping portals on official websites or apps of these programmes in most cases, which lead you to retailers’ online shopping sites. For instance, Qantas Points Online Mall is affiliated with many renowned brands i.e. Apple, Macy’s, The Iconic, Booktopia and a few more. Buying through Qantas Points Online Mall may not offer a special discount, but it will surely earn you points. Velocity works similarly. So you buy regular stuff and earn your valuable frequent flyer points.

4 – Join Multiple Programmes

To increase your points, you may join more than one programme. Some of the most popular programmes are;

  • Qantas
  • Virgin Australia
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Etihad
  • JetConnect
  • Jetstar Airways

When you join a programme, it may offer some bonus points as a welcoming gesture. Occasionally, you are also rewarded bonus points for spending, loyalty and as part of promotional offers. Receiving bonus points from multiple programmes help you accumulate them for your benefit.

Once you have enough, you can pool all transferable points into one account and redeem even earlier. When you join a programme, check if it offers the option to transfer points.

5 – Buy Frequent Flyer Points

This is an obvious and the fastest option to get points, but it comes as the last choice, usually when there is a pressing need. To know if there is a need, you need to have crystal clear picture of your redeemable points.

At this stage, Points Bank app plays a curial role. It’s an application where you can manage all of your frequent flyer accounts in one place. Interestingly, the app is free to join.

In your Points Bank account, you can quickly calculate and see if the point redemption requirement can be fulfilled by buying frequent flyer points. To buy the points, you don’t have to leave this page yet, since you can buy them through Points Bank. It is a one-stop solution to manage, redeem and buy frequent flyer points.