After spending so long covering the finance and business sectors I have come to realize that many of my readers are also in similar lines of work themselves and may have products and services to offer to other visitors.

I decided to allow adverts onto my site to help everybody. Not only do those who wish to market their services to a large audience get to make use of BlitzPenny to gain exposure, but the people who visit the site to improve their knowledge now also have direct access to the businesses and services they need to put it into practice right away.

A Large Audience

BlitzPenny currently attracts an audience of 14,000 unique visitors every month, most of whom either work in the business and finance sectors, or are looking for advice from people who do. This makes the site’s audience extremely relevant to businesses who have something to offer that fits into this niche.

My audience is growing too. What started as a small blog now attracts tens of thousands of readers on a monthly basis and my ambition is to ensure those figures keep growing by providing great information that visitors can’t find anywhere else.

If you partner with me and advertise on my site today, you will be able to take advantage of this ever-expanding readership to gain more exposure for your business and improve your sales.

Great Return On Investment

The problem with many online advertising services is that it can be a real struggle to achieve a good return on your investment, at least initially when you are having to spend a lot of your time tweaking ads and messing around with keywords to make sure they reach the audience that is most likely to interact with your business.

I should know because I have used these types of services myself and I understand how much time needs to be placed into them to get them to work to your favor. The issue is that time isn’t always something that you have, especially if you are working for a business that doesn’t fully understand the commitment that such services need.

That’s why advertising at BlitzPenny offers an excellent middle-ground. Not only can you advertise your business to a larger audience than may be possible through other advertising methods, but you also don’t need to worry about messing around with keywords, advertising copy and analytics to make sure the ads reach the people who need to see them because all of that is handled by us.

As such, any adverts that you place on the BlitzPenny site start reaching people who need your services from the second they go live. This means you receive a more substantial return on your initial investment, thus proving the viability of online marketing campaigns to the key decision makers at your company and allowing you to explore other advertising options with us in the future.

It’s Really Simple

I touched on the amount of effort that it takes to get online advertising campaigns operating effectively on traditional platforms earlier, but it is worth expanding on that point here. Many business owners and people who may be interested in online advertising are put off because the complexity of the task offers a barrier to entry that requires them to invest large amounts of time and effort into learning.

While learning new things is always useful, there will be instances when your time could be better spent focusing on other issues that directly affect your company. If that’s the case, you need an online advertising service that is quick, simple and efficient.

This is exactly what BlitzPenny offers with our advertising. We help you every step of the way so you can get your ads ready and on the site in no time at all. After that we handle all of the technical work, so you just need to sit back and enjoy the results.

Hopefully that all sounds intriguing and you now want to learn more about how you can partner with me to ensure the visitors to BlitzPenny get to see exactly what you have to offer them. If you would like to discuss a potential advertising partnership with me then please use the contact forms on the site to get in touch and start your BlitzPenny advertising journey.