Important Advice For Securing A Warehousing Position

Warehouse positions are inviting for many reasons. The hours are often flexible, entry requirements are varied, and the pay can be substantial. If you’re interested in finding such a position, then we have some advice to help you out.

Get Licensed (If You’re Not Already)

Warehouse positions often call for licenses for forklifts, picking machines, and other machinery. If you don’t have any relevant licenses or the ones you do have are expired, then it may be time to rectify this.

Already having these licenses will make you seem like more of a promising candidate because the company won’t have to spend as much time training you.

Make Sure You Have Reliable Transport

Many warehousing jobs involve shift work. Chances are you will have to start early at night or late in the evening when public transport isn’t available. For that reason, it’s important to have your own reliable vehicle.

Consider Your Health And Fitness

Warehouse jobs are typically physical affairs so consider your current health levels. Remember, warehouses are large open spaces that lack temperature control. You will be exposed to the full force of summer and winter conditions.

Many companies require their staff to undertake a medical assessment before commencing employment, so be prepared for this.

Tailor Your Resume

If you have been working in a different industry, then your current resume might not be appropriate for warehousing job applications. It’s recommended that you tweak your resume so that you showcase your skills and attributes that are most relevant for such a position.

The same thing should be done when submitting a warehouse worker cover letter. Make sure it is tailored to the position, rather than generic.

Watch For Seasonal Openings

Warehouses are often busy leading up to Xmas or the Easter holiday season. When these times of year start looming, you are likely to see many more positions advertised.

Get Applying

The easiest way to apply for warehouse positions is online via job sites or company websites. Just remember, if a position is advertised online, then it likely attracts a large number of applications. Chances are you will have to apply for numerous positions before getting a call-back, so be prepared for this and don’t get discouraged.

You may also want to register with some recruitment agencies that specialize in blue-collar work. They may be able to put your forward for a future opening.

Use Your Connections

Many warehouses are large structures that employ dozens or hundreds of staff. What this means is that chances are you already know some people who work in the industry. Get in touch with them and see if they can refer you or put you in touch with an HR manager.


There are numerous warehouse positions available, and you simply need to seek them out. Make sure you get your resume and cover letter optimized so that you can start applying effectively. Don’t forget to reach out to any friends you may have in the industry to see if they can help you out.