Trying To Plan Your Future: Here Are 5 High-Paying Careers To Consider

If you’re trying to decide on which career to pursue or simply want to switch from your current one, then you may want to go where the money is. While you should still pick a job that you think you will enjoy, there is nothing wrong with pursuing a substantial paycheck as well.

  1. Surgeon

The ability to save lives can propel you to the top of society. This is why surgeons are some of the most respected people on the planet, as well as some of the highest paid. Expect to earn $150,000-$300,000+ per year. Of course, getting fully qualified will take a while: often 7-10 years.

This job can be extremely stressful as you will have patients’ lives on your hands. The time commitment to become qualified is also hard for most people to handle.

If you’re interested in this profession, then you will need to excel at your studies, with a  focus on biology, chemistry, and physics. You will also need to develop strong interpersonal skills.

  1. Vet

If you have a passion for animals, then you may succeed as a vet. You will be required to treat animals that are injured or sick. To do so successfully you will need to develop a broad range of medical skills.

Except to be paid around $70,000-$150,000 per year.

Getting into one of the top vet schools isn’t easy. Then once in, you will need to complete four years of rigorous study.

  1. Engineer

If you’re skilled at maths and science, then you may want to consider becoming an engineer. Depending on the discipline you may earn $60,000-$200,000.

It can be difficult to decide what type of engineer to become because there are so many options. Some may work on site as a civil engineer, while others may never leave the office and simply do design work on a computer.

To become qualified you will typically need to complete a four-year engineering degree that will be stuffed with challenging maths and science papers.

  1. Accountant

Accountants are responsible for businesses finances, and they make some decent money themselves. Typically accountants get paid $50,000-$100,000 per year.

To do this job effectively, you will need to have a head for numbers. You will also need to be accurate at following administrative processes. In general, if you’re good at maths, organized, and think logically, then you may be well suited for an accounting career.

To get qualified you will typically need a three-year degree.

  1. Pilot

If you want to take to the skies, have a position of real authority, and get paid loads, then consider becoming a pilot. Of course, this is easier said than done. You will need many years of training, both at university and flight school.

Once qualified you may earn up to $150,000 as a domestic pilot. International pilots can earn even more.

Final Thoughts

If you’re chasing the money, then these careers are a solid option. Just remember, you will need passion as well. You don’t want to be a stuck in a profession that is simply not suitable for you, regardless of the paycheck.