me and my familyMy name is Martin Schultz and I am the founder of BlitzPenny, which is your source for all of the latest news and top quality investment and money management advice. You may be wondering what qualifies me to make that claim, so let me tell you a little bit about my story and how BlitzPenny came to be.

My Work

While I spend much of my time running this website and helping people with their financial concerns, I am also a leading financial consultant who is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I work for a local bank, which gives me the opportunity to consult with business owners regarding various financial opportunities that are available to them.

This work requires me to have detailed knowledge of how to manage money and take advantage of the financial opportunities that are available. This knowledge has been greatly appreciated by my clients and I have helped businesses both large and small make smarter financial decisions in addition to helping with other issues, such as cash flow problems and investment.

The reputation that I have built has led to a degree of recognition in my local business community. Many of my clients have spoken about how useful it would be if they had a hub of solid financial information to work from, which is how the seed for BlitzPenny was planted.

Over the course of the last few years, I have been using this website to share my expertise with anybody who needs financial advice, whether it be related to their businesses or they just want to be able to manage their personal finances better. My aim with BlitzPenny is to share as much of the knowledge that I have gained during my career as possible to help others, which is why I regularly write and offer opinions on the latest financial and business news, while also providing advice and tips on everything from budgeting through to more detailed advice that can help businesses grow and succeed.

I’ve also found that my website has become a strong source of income, both for myself and the people who contribute and advertise on it. Over the last few years I have developed a large audience of readers, many of whom are business owners and influencers within their spheres. BlitzPenny has become a hub for people who are concerned with business and financial matters, which makes it the ideal place for businesses who offer products and services in these areas to advertise.

Why BlitzPenny?

our family and relativesSo you may be wondering why I decided to call my site BlitzPenny. My personal financial philosophy is that every single penny counts towards something and that your financial plans should almost be treated as a plan of attack, or action, which will ensure you have the motivation you need to stick to them.

This blitz approach is intended to cover every single aspect of my clients’ financial situations, meaning no sources of potential revenue or expenditure get left behind.

This makes sure that all of the pennies are accounted for, which creates the foundation for larger financial success.

My Family

BlitzPenny would not have achieved the success it has enjoyed thus far were it not for the support of my family. My wife Amanda has always helped me to reach higher and strive for new goals in everything that I do. She understands that the work I put into this website, in addition to my work as a financial consultant is both important to me and the people I work with.

Together we have four sons: Tom, Will, John and Jim. My aim is to do whatever I can to make sure that my family enjoys life and is taken care of.

When I am not working, every moment of my spare time is spent with them and as BlitzPenny has grown I have been delighted to find that I have more control over my time so I can do more with the people who mean the most to me.

Please Explore

BlitzPenny is a hub for anybody who is interested in finance and business. As you explore my blog you will find plenty of useful information that is designed to help you succeed in whatever you do in life. Furthermore, fellow financial professionals and business owners will discover that BlitzPenny offers them to chance to gain exposure and improve the services they offer to their clients.

Martin Schultz – BlitzPenny Founder