I’m not the only person who has useful information to share about business and finance. In fact, there are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of people who visit this website every month who have stories to share and can offer something to readers based on their own experiences, knowledge and expertise.

That is why I opened the BlitzPenny blog up to guest contributors early on in the website’s life. Not only did this give the site the chance to develop faster than it may have if I had tried to go it alone, but each of my contributors receives plenty of value in return whenever they submit a guest post to my blog.

Want to know more? You can contact me using the contact form below to get started, but here’s what you can get whenever you contribute to my blog if you are unsure.


BlitzPenny now reaches an audience of 14,000 unique visitors each and every month. That’s 14,000 people who have arrived on the website because they want to find out more about business and finance, in addition to learning more about the products, services and people who can help them to take control of their financial futures.

You can prove yourself to be one of these people if you write for my website. Your posts will be delivered to a loyal readership who has a vested interest in learning about what to say. Each of the contributors to BlitzPenny has the opportunity to talk a little about who they are and what brought them to the site in a dedicated bio section at the bottom of their posts. This can be used to raise awareness for your own blog or website, in addition to offering more specific information about what you can do to help your readers.


BlitzPenny has essentially become a community for people who are interested in business and finance throughout the world, which means that many of our readers are involved in their local business communities and may offer our contributors opportunities that they may not have found anywhere else.

If you write and publish your post here you place yourself in a position to be noticed by people who may be able to help your own business develop. Many of our contributors have formed useful relationships and partnerships through their work on BlitzPenny because our audience is filled with people who are looking for others those who can help them with their goals. Through your contributions you can prove that you are one of these people.

Improve Your Writing

You may have ambitions of starting your own blog in the future, or you may already have a website but you are struggling to attract and engage readers. Whatever the case, I can help you to become a better writer through the feedback I provide on every post that is submitted to the BlitzPenny blog.

I have a vested interest in ensuring that every scrap of information found here is useful and well-presented. However, I also know that a lot of people who have valuable knowledge to share also have little experience in creating web content. That’s why I encourage everybody to share their ideas with me. Even if you have never written for an audience the size of ours before, I don’t want anybody to be afraid of giving it a try. By working together I can show you what your posts need to keep people’s eyes on them and you can take these lessons forward into your future writing endeavors.

Build Your Portfolio

One of the most important things for freelance writers is to have is a strong portfolio of work that they can show to potential clients. Here at BlitzPenny we offer you the opportunity to build that portfolio by writing about the things you know and presenting your work on a site that has the reputation and authority to make clients sit up and take notice.

All of your posts will be preserved on the BlitzPenny website for as long as the website is live. Each is also individually credited to the author, so you can quickly search for the posts you have contributed to show others.

The Topics We Want To Cover

I truly do hope that you now want to contribute to my blog and share your knowledge with the BlitzPenny audience. Before you get in touch though, I’d just like to give you a good idea of the topics we like to cover. They include:

  • Banking
  • Big Business ‘n Corporations
  • Credit Cards
  • Financial News
  • Forex
  • Investing Ideas
  • Money Saving Tips
  • Mortgage
  • Online Payments
  • Retail Business
  • Reviews
  • Small Business
  • Stock Trading
  • Taxes
  • World Economy

There are more besides but those should give you a strong idea of the general niche that BlitzPenny appeals to.

If you’d like to submit some ideas, the following are also a few sample articles that I would like to see from contributors in the future:

  • 10 Mistakes To Avoid With Your First Investment
  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Financial Consultant
  • The Secrets To Stretching Your Money Further

Think you have what it takes to help the BlitzPenny audience? If so, please contact me using the forms on the website.